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Opinion: Baca Grande should become a town

Nothing in the Baca Grande will ever change, except growth without infrastructure to support it, unless the Baca Grande becomes a town. What is the process of incorporation? The Colorado Revised Statutes governing incorporation is Title 31 – Government Municipal. The process begins with inhabitants of an area that is not...

Editor’s Notes: Thank You from Kizzen

December, 1989 I published the first Crestone Eagle newspaper. It was a huge leap of faith. Crestone was small then, but big things were happening. I felt that people needed to know about them. I started out small. But the amount of community support for this wild endeavor was huge.

Support our Mayor Kairina

Dear Editor, With an election coming up on April 5, the residents of the Town...

Editor’s Notes: 2022 Wish List

Round and ‘round the sun we go. What do we want for this new...

Letter to the Editor: Desert Sage Sells

To the extended Crestone community: Residents of spiritual centers, householders, visitors, & friends, A short...

County emergency resolution rescinded because of protests

(Note: the observations here are mine; not those of The Crestone Eagle. I have purposely not used anyone’s name.) The fallout from residents’ angry response...

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