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Friday, February 3


Little Shepherd highlights community engagement and outreach

If you’ve been in Crestone for a while chances are you have visited Little Shepherd in the Hills Episcopal church. It’s just north of Crestone Town Hall on Alder Street. The old log cabin at the back of the property is the chapel where worship services are conducted twice...

Update on the new Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche stupa 

In the August Crestone Eagle we reported that the initial ritual asking the permission...

Phylogenetic love & the state of grace A new consciousness for humanity

In 2006, Dr Jim Oschman, a research pioneer of Energy Medicine, gave a  presentation...

A sacred space continues: Miyo Samten Ling lays roots at former Nada Carmelite Hermitage

It only took Lama B. Alan Wallace two days to decide that he wanted...

The Flame: A filmmaker aims his camera at the spiritual life of Crestone/Baca

A curious person reads, observes, talks with people and ponders. A curious filmmaker does...

Mother God’s Dead Body Found at Home

We all thought we’d seen the last of “Mother God” aka Amy Carlson and her Love Has Won (LHW) followers when the cult was...

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