Thursday, July 25

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Kinney offers congrats

To the community,

Congratulations to Thomas McCracken and all the other candidates who made it onto the November ballot. “Winning” these days comes in many forms. I am beyond grateful to have met so many hundreds of new people and to have heard so many authentic stories about people’s experiences here in the valley. These connections and this deeper understanding of my neighbors’ needs and concerns have forever changed who I am, and who I strive to be. Thank you all for being here, at whatever level you are able to engage or witness. This new perspective on my community is what I call a “win.”

I want to say thank you, from the depths of my heart, to the old timers, community activists, multi-generational and multi-cultural heroes who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their communities here in the valley, for supporting me and offering their guidance and wisdom to get me this far down the path. I will carry you each with me for as long as I continue this work. And to my best friend, wife, and partner in service, Cristina. Your dedication to listening and strategic genius is the reason this campaign we ran was flawless and inspired, and ought to have set a new standard for what people can expect from candidates moving forward.

Onward, the work never ends.

Adam Kinney

Candidate for Saguache County Commissioner

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