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ORDINANCE NO. 2023-001

ClassifiedsORDINANCE NO. 2023-001
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BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE TOWN OF CRESTONE, COLORADO, THAT BY THIS ORDINANCE, THE FOLLOWING AMENDMENTS ARE MADE TO SECTION 15-13-10 (j) OF THE TOWN CODE: Section 15-13-10 (j) of the Town of Crestone Municipal Code be repealed and reenacted as follows: (j) Existing containers which were placed prior to this section and prior to any previous moratoria concerning such placements shall be considered a Nonconforming use, and shall be governed by Sec. 15-8-10 et sec. INTRODUCED, READ in full, ADOPTED, APPROVED, and SIGNED on the 13 th of March 2023 by Kairina Danforth, Mayor ATTESTED by Allyson Ransom, Town Clerk APPROVED AS TO FORM by Seth Walker, Town Attorney PUBLISHED by title only April 2023 and online in March and April 2023 as per CRS 31-16-105 and Town of Crestone Ordinance # 2002-004. Submitted to the Crestone Eagle by Scott Ehresman on March 14, 2023

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