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At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road: Gratitude & Grace

What blessing brings you to the end of the road? Perhaps you have met the community of friends that you have always sought, living the values that you hold dear. Perhaps it is the beauty of the interface between sky and magnificent mountains, the unpolluted air that heals your...

At the End of the Road: Move slowly, watch your step

The helicopters were insistently trying to find and rescue the young woman who lost...

At the End of  the Road: A victim of emotional climate change? Whatever happened to the “Crestone Wave?”

When family members I still call “kids” who are now in their fifties visit...

At the End of the Road: What’s so special

Two turkey vultures circle silently overhead.  Ominous.   One raindrop falls from a cloudless...

The extra mile: Altruism in Crestone/Baca

On July 6, 1996 the Tashi Gomang stupa (the “big” stupa) was consecrated by...

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