Friday, June 14

The Crestone Eagle is a nonprofit monthly newspaper serving Crestone and the San Luis Valley

EDITORIAL POLICY – Letter & Commentary

We’re glad you are part of this community and even happier you want to contribute to The Crestone Eagle.

To be fair and allow room for voices we must place length limits on your contributions. Here’s how it works:

Letters to the editor/community:
Maximum length: 350 words. If your letter is longer than this, we will return it for editing or not run it.

Maximum length: 650 words. If your commentary is longer than this, we will return it for editing or not run it. Your commentary is subject to editing for clarity, length and other reasons listed below.

Your submission must include: author’s name, town/city, organization affiliation (if relevant), contact information including phone and email. Contact information will not be published with your letter.

The decision to print any letter to the editor is completely at the discretion of The Crestone Eagle editor, and we reserve the right to edit all letters.

Letters (and social media post comments) considered libelous, obscene, in bad taste, antisemitic or racist, or containing personal attacks will not be allowed.

Form letters and letters or emails containing long lists of names will not be printed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Thank you letters are welcomed and encouraged. Letters regarding local news and current issues will be prioritized.

Send letters to by the 16th of the month. Thank you.