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SLV Anthology: an oral history of the Valley with Kizzen Lakai

Crestone Area HistorySLV Anthology: an oral history of the Valley with Kizzen Lakai
by Adam Kinney

In this chapter, we interviewed Kizzen Lakai. For me, she has always embodied so many qualities that I value about this place, and the level of fortitude it takes to create a real home here in Crestone, full of community service, kindness, and wisdom.

This episode speaks to me, and inspires me to keep working towards this grand, unintentional community that has pulled so many of us from our suburban backgrounds, only to land here as global, cultural refugees, seeking a different kind of life at the end of the road.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do these interviews, and to capture these memories and stories, before the old timers are all gone. It gives me such a deeper understanding of this town and the people who have given so much of themselves to make it a place we have all chosen as our home.
I offer my deepest gratitude and respect to all those who have shared their stories here.
Finally, and again, we do have a GoFundMe account to receive donations to support the project, editing, and future interviews. All of this has been a labor of love, and anything you can offer will greatly help it to continue.

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Volume IV: Kizzen Lakai

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