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Mother God’s Dead Body Found at Home

We all thought we’d seen the last of “Mother God” aka Amy Carlson and her Love Has Won (LHW) followers when the cult was booted off the Hawaiian Island of Kaui and ridiculed on the Dr Phil Show. After a brief return to Colorado where the LHW had rented houses in Casita Park and a residence outside of Salida, the group took off for points west including Mt Shasta, CA. On April 24 the dead mummified body of Amy Carlson was brought back by followers to Casita Park. According to a police affidavit , “the mummified remains appeared to be in some kind of shrine.”

Mother God who claimed to be nineteen billion years old and on a mission with her followers to “save her beloved planet.”, was found in a sleeping bag wrapped in a cloth. With bluish skin from ingesting mass quantities of colloidal silver, she was covered with glitter make up and wrapped in holiday lights.  Saguache County Coroner, Tom Perrin, estimated Carlson had been dead for “a couple of weeks or more.” Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick, who along with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation entered the Casita Park house discovering the corpse, said there was no evidence of foul play  in her death.

Miguel Lamboy was residing at the Casita Park house along with  two children, a thirteen year old and two year old, when LHW adherents including Jason Costillo, a convicted criminal who was the current “Father God” brought Mother God’s dead body back to Casita Park. Lamboy went to the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office with the tale of what was going on at his home. Lamboy was not happy with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office who had fielded many complaints from the local community and the families of followers nationwide about LHW. Chaffee County authorities called in Saguache County.

Lamboy and his two year old child were the only LHW members at the Casita Park house not arrested. The thirteen year old was taken into child protective custody. Followers taken into custody include Jason Costillo aka Father God, Ryan Kramer, Christopher Royer, Sara Rudolph, Karin Raymond, John Robertson and Obdulra Franco. They are incarcerated in the Rio Grande County Jail. The Saguache County Jail did not have room to keep them in separate cells. The charges of child abuse and abuse of a corpse will be addressed in Sagauche County Court.

LHW attracted most of their devotees and contributors through online venues like Facebook and YouTube. Most local people here and in Salida did not know about them. Crestone locals remember Amy Carlson coming to town in the early 2000’s and say she evolved into Mother God and the inception of LHW took place in the Crestone / Baca community. Mother God left for a number of years living in Washington State and Florida before returning LHW to Saguache County in 2015-2016. They did not have many local followers. LHW peddled intuitive sessions and products including medical supplements online and still had loyal followers even after the Kaui and Dr Phil debacles. LHW believers seem to view Mother God’s death as an “ascension.”

Mother God, an alcoholic and substance abuser, abandoned three children and a manager job at McDonald’s to form LHW, has no followers in her biological family. Her son Cole Carlson, 25, said he has no desire to see LHW continue. He is looking into legal avenues to provide justice to former followers and their families.

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