Wednesday, December 6

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Support our Mayor Kairina

Dear Editor,

With an election coming up on April 5, the residents of the Town of Crestone will be asked to choose whether or not to recall our current Mayor, Kairina Danforth. Every vote counts.

Kairina’s record of achievements over the past 10 years as Mayor, with the Board’s support, is lengthy and impressive. It has already been detailed in this space. She has demonstrated a steady commitment to serving the needs of our community, on a nearly full-time basis, bringing a deep and broad range of skills and wisdom to the table. Her style is low-key, non-confrontational, patient, persistent. She gets results.

Kairina not only values Crestone with its unique culture, but balances her guidance with a global view of what makes a healthy and resilient community that considers the entire population’s needs when setting goals and priorities. She is continually developing her leadership abilities, networking, and knowledge of what works in small communities through participation in many related organizations throughout the Valley and beyond, as well as founding some new ones. As Mayor, Kairina doesn’t just respond to crises as they are brought before the Board, but applies big-picture thinking, combined with creativity and initiative, to help position the Town in positive ways for the future.

During these especially challenging times of social upheaval, combined with the growth and change pressures on a small community, this style of qualified, no-drama leadership is invaluable. We need Kairina’s stability and experience especially during this period of uncertainty. As well, what is her egregious behavior that justifies this Recall in the first place?

We are extremely fortunate to have Kairina as our Mayor. Vote No on recall and please show her your support.

Joe Michalak


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