2nd Amendment Ponder—post Lewiston, Maine, mass shooting

Lewiston, Maine was America’s October 2023 mass shooting. Advocates for gun rights have yet to solve these murderous acts. The NRA has yet to create means to assist legislation to help reduce gun violence. All ideas by those representing victims of this lawlessness tend to have their suggestions squashed by 2nd Amendment proponents. It is interesting to interpret this single-sentence law that gives the population the right “…to keep and bear Arms …”. An amendment that was “…necessary to the security of a free State…” by “A well-regulated Militia…”.

In 1791, a militia was a means to defend the colonies. Now, in 2023, America’s defense is by taxes funding the six branches of the military, military reserves, national guards, plus numerous intelligence and law enforcement agencies. 

This bears many questions 2nd Amendment supporters should address: 

Does America still need a well-regulated militia? 

If militias do exist, are they well-regulated?

Who regulates these militias?

How are they funded?

Are they lawful?

I honor my right to “keep and bear arms” for my provisions and self protection. My need to secure our free nation I leave to the various defense organizations our country has created and which are funded by its inhabitants through taxes.

America is ripped apart over the 2nd Amendment. 

This 232-year-old law is in dire need of adjustment to accommodate our present time. To mend our country toward being united, this issue must seek compromise that can adjust to our growing union.

Robin Durrance

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