Wednesday, February 21

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CCS Eaglet takes flight

By the Eaglet staff.

Crestone Charter School, in partnership with The Crestone Eagle, is introducing the Crestone CCS Eaglet, a monthly publication by students. 

The Crestone Eagle managing editor Matt Lit introduced the idea for his second mentorship at the school. “It seemed a natural direction to take with my students,” said Lit. They’ll be learning to develop monthly story ideas, cover topics including educational, creative and sports activities. They’ll write, edit and design a monthly page in the education section of The Crestone Eagle, he said. “In a time with news publications closing and journalism threatened, teaching students about the importance of journalism is critical in my opinion.”

“The CCS Eaglet will be highlighting stories happening inside the school, said the staff. “Articles will cover potential problems and concerns around the school as well as stories about people, and happenings around the school and community.”

“This is a safe place for students and fellow community members to voice themself and issues that concern them or others. We want to create a piece that separates the fake from real and provide quality news that is verified and proven,” they added. 

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