Sunday, July 21

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Crestone Artisans’ Gallery showcases photographer Patrick J. Reddy

A recent addition to our CAG membership is photographer Patrick J. Reddy.  Patrick was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in various areas of the Midwest and South.  Some strong childhood memories of visiting Colorado and New Mexico were what brought him back to Colorado 43 years ago. He has called Crestone home for the past four years.

A semi-retired atmospheric scientist, Patrick is inspired by dramatic lighting, clouds, mist, and our ever-changing skies. He appreciates how these atmospheric details illuminate and highlight patterns in nature and relishes capturing these patterns in his landscapes.

Patrick has been taking photos for the last 20 years, getting a more sophisticated result with each passing year. He most often prints his photos on high quality, fine art, photo rag papers with a traditional barium sulfate coating (baryta). These papers have a rich texture and bring out the colors, details, and contrast in the images. One of these papers, produced by Hahnemuhle, also has a surface infused with metal particles that gives landscapes a luminescence quality. Both the papers and inks that Patrick uses are of archival quality, so photos should retain their vibrance for many years.

Patrick’s goal is to keep improving and capture more interesting scenes and moments. He said this area of Colorado gives him an endless supply of photographic opportunities.

Regarding the new art community installation, we are happy to announce the tile painting at the Kids Fest and Music Festival was a huge success. Lots of tiles were created by community members of all ages. We would like to thank all those who participated in this fun project. We will keep you updated. Stop by the gallery and watch the progress.

We are hosting another gallery event on Saturday, July 29, from 4 – 6 p.m. We are calling it “A Midsummer Night’s Celebration”. As usual, there will be wine and appetizers. Member artist, Jeanette Amlie, is providing us with one of her original paintings as a door prize.  Come out, enjoy the fun, visit with your friends and our artists, and checkout what is new in the gallery

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