Friday, June 14

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Crestone Energy Fair Home Tour a grand success 

What an amazing year it was for the Home Tours and Energy Fair. With a dedicated team of people who brought lots of skill to this event, we were able to expand and explore so much. The home tours went amazingly. With more than double the turnout of years past, we were able to share the love of alternative style homes with people from all over Colorado and beyond. 

Suzanne Rouge, who has helped with some of the finishing touches on this house, explained some of its unique characteristics to a group of participants at the Crestone Energy Fair Home Tour the morning of August 29. This structure is also known as “The Castle” and is homeowners’ Jeff & Ruth Beard’s creation. photo by Lori Nagel

By participating in the tours this year, people were able to get ideas for their own homes and experience what it’s like to walk into a well insulated home in the heat of the day. Thanks again to everyone in this community who helped make the tours possible, it was an effort that was well worth it. 

We are already discussing how we can make next year’s tours even better. If you would like to be a part of the planning or if you would like your home to be on the tour, please get in touch with me at

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