Friday, June 14

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‘Crestone Means Business’ is ready to promote you

Lori Nagel and Jennifer Eytcheson presenting at their grand opening of their new business “Crestone Means Business” held at T-Road Brewing. photo by Matt Lit

“Oh no, the car needs work! I’ll have to call the mechanic in Salida, make an appointment a few weeks out if they can squeeze me in, take the day off work and catch a one way ride twice, once to drop it off and again to pick it up.” Sound familiar? This is the way it mostly goes for our community. Well, did you know we have at least 5 mechanics right here in Crestone? Sure, there may be times when you need to take your car to an all-inclusive shop, but wouldn’t it be nice to take it to a local Crestonian for things like oil changes, new brakes and other engine work? What about when you need a plumber and you need it now? People usually post on our local Facebook groups, ask for a plumber and have to wait for an answer.

At Crestone Means Business, we make it easy to get online, click on the category you are searching for, click directly on their website and/or Facebook page, and if you’re on your phone, call them directly.

Observing the challenges to living in a small, rural, under-served town like Crestone, Lori Nagel and Jennifer Eytcheson put their heads together and came up with a multi-tiered solution: Crestone Means Business, LLC. They believe every person who lives in the town of Crestone and the Baca Grande should be able to: 1) list their talents/services/businesses, and 2) quickly find local talents/ services/businesses. Their website,, is already live with many businesses listed, both categorically and alphabetically, as well as Emergency & Community contact info. Categories include animal care, builders & contractors, firewood, graphic design, health & healing, notaries, restaurants, waste removal, and many more!

Crestone Connect

Not only did CMB create the space for local business listings, their brainstorming expanded into more community involvement. Crestone Connect is a digital platform in process that will connect those seeking services with those offering services—day workers, construction crews, massage therapists, etc., also helping to keep our dollars local. Crestone Cares is a personal touch provided to community elders and others, who need instruction on how to access our online resources, as well as other basic tech question. Crestone Business Connect provides events and networking opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs to share information and resources with each other, bringing our community closer together.

Crestone Means Business is in it for the wins. Wins for our business owners, wins for our locals needing services, and wins for our entire community when more of our dollars are kept right here in Crestone. That’s why CMB’s motto is “When we work together, we all win!”

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