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Deer wounded by arrow wandering near Spanish Creek

By Matt Lit

Residents in the Baca were not surprised to see a buck wander through their properties in late September. However, when it turned, they could see it had an arrow protruding from its side. 

While this occurred during regular archery season, there’s no information on just where the deer was when it was shot. It is not known whether it was shot in the Baca or in an area nearby where it is legal to hunt, according to Leon Martinez, district wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Alamosa North District. 

Regular archery season for deer and elk ran from Sept. 2-30. 

It is possible this deer was wounded by a hunter and wandered into the Baca area from the foothills east of the area, added Martinez.

Hunting is not allowed in the Baca Grande, according to Baca Grande Property Owners Association management.

Local resident Linde Waidhofer first noticed the wounded deer. She called neighbor Bill Ellzey, a wildlife photographer, who was able to get a photo of it with his phone. Ellzey said he spent four hours looking for it the day after the first sighting. 

The deer was last sighted on Sept. 26 in the area of Spanish Creek and Wagon Wheel. Martinez said if his team can find it and sedate it, they could attempt to remove the arrow. 

If you see the deer, contact Martinez at 719-588-6367. 

Image: The wounded buck. photo by Bill Ellzey

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