Friday, June 14

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Editor’s Notes: 2022 Wish List

Round and ‘round the sun we go. What do we want for this new year? I’ve made a list of community goals. It’s incomplete because I only have this column length. Please feel free to make your own and send us a letter.

I wish:

That we get lots of snow for the rest of the winter which replenishes our water table and makes the trees happy. A wet spring and summer with gentle rains yet few mosquitoes.

That COVID fades away and the long-haulers are healed.

That a dog park gets built. The Baca has suitable chunks of land out by the POA buildings and golf course that are owned by the membership. Maybe volunteers could facilitate? It would solve many of the dog problems. Like people, dogs need to have a safe place to run and socialize.

That someone builds a nice campground nearby for our visitors. North Crestone campground is often full and people end up boondocking. Let’s have a shady place for tents with RV hookups and a bathroom with showers.

That we have more afforable housing. Small apartment units? More ADU’s (accessory dwelling units). That Living Wisdom/Crestone Peak Community Housing gets tons of money to complete their project in Crestone.

That the free box opens.

That by the end of the year I get to retire and just work parttime on fun special projects— thank you all for helping to make that happen!

That people know that we need each other in order to have a good life. I wish that any differences are diminished and we continue to work together on cool projects. The world is getting kinda crazy. Let’s stay sane.

And mostly I wish you all good health and happiness.


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