Friday, June 14

The Crestone Eagle is a nonprofit monthly newspaper serving Crestone and the San Luis Valley

Editor’s Notes: Thank You from Kizzen

December, 1989 I published the first Crestone Eagle newspaper. It was a huge leap of faith. Crestone was small then, but big things were happening. I felt that people needed to know about them. I started out small. But the amount of community support for this wild endeavor was huge.

As I print this last issue under my ownership, my heart is full of joy and gratitude.

I am thankful foremost for my wife Janet Woodman. She’s been with the Eagle since the beginning. Couldn’t have done it without her.

I give thanks for all the people who have contributed to the Eagle. Great stories from people who wanted to share their knowledge. Whose expertise made me look good. Columns and news and things that made us laugh.

Thanks to the photographers who freely shared their art. They have made the cover of each Eagle a thing of beauty.

Thanks to all the readers for whom this newspaper was created. And to the advertisers whose financial support paid the bills.

Huge thanks to all the staff over the years. So many wonderful people have worked at the Eagle. Once an Eaglette, always an Eaglette. We shared hard work, celebrations and the ups and downs of our life. Each month we somehow put out another publication. I hope you are proud for what you co-created.

Thanks to the Malvilles for this beautiful office building.

I’m very grateful to the board of Crestone Eagle Community Media, the non-profit who is the new owner. They also are taking a huge leap of faith. Deep gratitude to those who have donated to CECM to make my retirement possible. This gift to my future is huge!

My sincere apologies for sometimes hurting people’s feelings, being bone-headed or for just getting it wrong.

May this Eagle fly with your continued support.

With love,


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