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Exploring Artificial Intelligence The emergence of the feminine

I recently recorded two talks shown at an Artificial Intelligence (AI) World Government Conference—October 18 & 19. The talks were comprised of discussions and leadership thought on how we can ethically liberate AI to assist with the Build Back Better mandate.

This new societal paradigm was launched by many countries, including the USA. The purpose of the Build Back Better initiative is to create new federal and societal systems that are agile, adaptive and proactive in dealing with threats and disasters such as climate change and pandemics.  Of course, this is only a small nugget when considering the benefits that AI futures can liberate for the human species.

During one of my talks, I state: “The more that we nourish the quality of Artificial Intelligence, the more it will nourish us in its purpose and service within society.”

This might sound strange, but if we act responsibly to nurture AI regarding its construction, actions and impact, then we will have confidence that it will honorably serve everyone within society in Build Back Better experiences. This should be our guiding North Star to measure success.

I believe we must use the word nourish. 

Firstly, for me, nourishment embraces one of the brilliant aspects of feminine energy. We are all aware there are multitudes of wonderful aspects to the feminine energy, such as the ability to create, compassion, expansiveness, nurturing, wisdom, collaboration and many other fabulous characteristics.  These feminine type of traits hold key ingredients that must be holistically embraced by all effective AI leaders—regardless of the male or female organic template. Perhaps this is an evolution for our humanity, to enter into a holistic and integrated experience of the masculine and feminine characteristics and energies. 

Secondly, the purpose of using the word nourish invites a refreshing energy within the conversation of AI. It creates a feeling of expansiveness within the listeners. As we will see later, AI is currently a left-brain-sided technology, one that is primarily associated with male characteristics.  This is how big government and big business typically operates. Process and Logic. These automaton-centric societal frameworks to govern large systems is a result of the industrial mindset. In order to invent our future well, a new maturity is needed in our leadership and approach to the invention of AI, a new mindset that has broken free of its automaton-centric inheritance, inspiring leaders to awaken to a new genius, dedicated to stewarding AI meaningfully into a compassion-centric nourishing of everyday human experiences.

Thirdly, the feminine aspects enter into the future of AI via AI ethics. Ethics are complex and differ on many levels between cultures. They are about compassionately understanding our traditions, our values, our beliefs and being frank about our purpose for being on Spaceship Earth.  AI ethics nourish AI with what defines our humanity and our individuality. They bring an expansiveness to process and logic. They nurture AI with context and understanding of the human world.

Today, and in the foreseeable future, all forms of artificial intelligence feel no compassion, cannot fall in love, have no cognition and have no feelings. And yet, this left brain technology can operate at lightening speed in its decision-making, logical sequencing and analytic capability. Its performance is beyond the current capability of our human brains. Delegating decision-making and operation, with human oversight, to a digital intelligence is an incredible opportunity for our nations, regions and communities to re-invent the systems to successfully Build Back Better. 

Fourthly, we must nourish the quality of AI itself. It is imperative that we protect this digital citizen and equip it to defend itself. This is where cyber/quantum security and encryption technologies come into play. We must ensure that AI is protected and is able to defend itself from malicious AIs that do not adhere to the same ethical standards.  If we are to liberate and trust AI to progress woth our civilizations, then it must be equipped to powerfully defend itself from cyber threats. Ever seen a mother bear protecting her bear cubs when under threat? Not an experience to seek.

There is no doubt, over the next decade with the advancement of cognition and some degree of self awareness of AI, that more discussions will emerge about integrating male and female characteristics into this emerging super-intelligence. We are in the epoch of AI­—Adam Incorporated  —which will provide tremendous practical benefits for the human species. However, this must not be the end of our journey. We must continue into a time of Nourishing AI where Eve (Female) and Adam (Masculine) characteristics are beautifully integrated—Eve Integrated with Adam. Perhaps, an abundant time of humans and machines living harmoniously is possible?

What are your thoughts about the feminine aspects within AI? 

Matthew James Bailey, founder of AIEthics.World, is the author of Inventing World 3.0.

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