Monday, May 27

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From the managing editor: A momentary lapse

By Matt Lit.

I will not misspell Nick Nevares. I will not misspell Nick Nevares. I will not misspell Nick Nevares. 

This is my self-assigned punishment for spelling Nick’s name wrong multiple times in previous  issues. Every once in a while, you have to look in the mirror, admit you messed up and attempt to make right by it. Running my own design and photography company taught me that. 

It’s a good lesson to remember as I begin this new journey as managing editor. You have noticed a lot of changes in The Crestone Eagle over the last few months; from the approach to news to the new look. 

I am thankful to the amazing team around me that is encouraging my vision and supporting the changes. To the community, thank you for your words of support and patience while we refine the layout and design. 

Some of the changes you’ve noticed start with the layout. Larger photos (occupational hazard!), new fonts and an overall fresh look. 

Another thing you’ve noticed are stories shared from the Colorado Sun. The Colorado Sun prides itself on independent, accurate journalism. It was founded in 2018 by staffers who chose to leave the Denver Post rather than continue watching its demise and layoffs by a global hedge fund with no interest in journalism. The Crestone Eagle is thankful for permission to run stories from the Colorado Sun. It is allowing us to present in-depth stories that we simply don’t have the staff to cover. 

We are working on changing that.  You’ve seen new byline names in addition to the names you’ve come to know. We’re also bringing in new columns and—sadly—saying goodbye to some, including Native Plant Talk (due to Carol’s schedule). We are again partnering with Colorado College to reawaken an internship program. 

This program will help us cover regular “beats” with the goal of providing more comprehensive, accurate and open community news. 

If you haven’t visited the website please check it out, too. I have a great teammate in Uma Jolicoeur. Together we are bringing up-to-the minute news to and continue refining the website’s look and content. 

We will be adding more information on The Crestone Eagle, including information about the nonprofit board, its members, the staff, our funding and our ethics policy.

One more thing. I’ll be changing my office days to coincide with my mentorship at the Crestone Charter School. I’ll be in the office Wednesdays—except for my time at CCS—and I’m thinking that Fridays will make for a good second day. 

Thanks for your patience and keep telling us what you think. We are listening.

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