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From the managing editor:A Momentary Lapse

By Matt Lit.

ME: I have to write a column? But, but…I don’t want to write a column. 

EDITOR: Do you want to come to work tomorrow? 

ME: I guess I’m writing a column.

Jump forward more years than my arrested-development mind can fathom—I was 27 at the time—and here I am again. This time I am the editor—but the conversation in my head sounded the same. 

Momentary Lapse

That’s what I called the first column. It seems fitting to continue with the premise; a bit of nonsensical musing with the occasional hard-hitting or from-the-heart piece. And so it begins. 

I hadn’t been in the Valley for very long—probably less than a month. Alixe and I were on our way back from a day in Taos. As has happened countless drives in the past I may have been (was) driving somewhat (definitely) over the (posted) speed limit. Luckily, a nice Sheriff’s Deputy heading south started up his emergency lights. And darned if he didn’t turn them off and continue on his way. 

I have a donkey to thank for that one. That is, I have a dead donkey to thank for that one. On our way through the wild horse area north of Costilla and the border we passed the donkey. While I felt terrible for the donkey, I breathed a sigh of relief realizing the donkey’s demise was the deputy’s duty. 

Within two weeks—again with Alixe though she has nothing to do with this particular momentary lapse—well, actually, she has nothing to do with any of my momentary lapses, but she sure is patient—anyway, descending Poncha Pass, on the way to parts north, I again passed a Sheriff’s deputy. This time, I wasn’t so lucky and he provided me the opportunity to contribute to the Chaffee County coffers and receive points as a bonus. 

What does this have to do with anything? Well, nothing really except to remind me and maybe us to slow down. Where are we heading anyway that a few miles per hour make any difference? We live in such an array of beauty and taking a bit more time to enjoy it seems in order. 

Take a deep breath. It’s August and we can finally do that without ingesting more mosquitoes than a bat at the Valley View mine. Slow it down, enjoy the views and keep an eye out for wildlife. 

Or a donkey. 

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