Monday, May 27

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Healing & celebration

As I write this editorial, it is the end of October, and certainly, the end or an era. Our country is so hungry for change, so deeply wants to recover its sense of self worth, heal its wounds and create a better future, that I believe that Obama and Biden will win this election.

Yip! yip! yip!

But then what?

We have a lot of work to do. The first of which is healing. Our country suffered a grievous wound on 9/11, and our response to it was not the right one. We invaded a country that was not involved, and we have incurred a karmic debt that will be a long time in paying off. We lost standing in the world and the respect of our allies. Itā€™s time to mend some fences.

As a people, we have been encouraged to be divided. Red against blue and neighbor against neighbor. We have been divided, and conquered.

We must move now from battle ground to common ground. Because, it is so true that during hard times, if weā€™re united, we will make it through, together.

Itā€™s not up to ā€œthe govenmentā€ to bail us out of the mess weā€™re in. Itā€™s up to us. That is the realistic appeal of Obamaā€”he says that itā€™s not all about him, but all about you. Change canā€™t happen if people just go vote and then sit back and say to Congress, ā€œok, now make it all better.ā€ Ainā€™t gonna happen that way. Never has. And there wonā€™t be a free ride eitherā€”but one we have to make sure goes in the right direction.

Iā€™m very excited about this big shift. I feel a deep sense of joy and a renewal of faith in my beautiful countrymen. May we all finally celebrate November on 5th!

Then letā€™s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

All the best,

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