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Living in the age of conscious-technology: An interview with artificial intelligence innovator, Matthew James Bailey

JE: Hi Matthew, thanks for joining me today. As I look out the window of the Eagle office toward the mountains, artificial intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind. Tell me why you chose Crestone as your base camp to help change the future of artificial intelligence, how we think about it and how we will use it.

MJB: Good morning Jennifer. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be here. As with many people, I didn’t choose Crestone, Crestone chose me. My journey here started about six years ago as part of my own spiritual journey into consciousness. I’ve been living here 2½ years continuing in that journey, whilst also discovering new strategies and inventions to tap into the world of technology to make this world a better place to inhabit. Being in Crestone helps remind me that consciousness is the most valued and precious treasure within this universal experience. Every single person holds this treasure. New systems must hold this in the forefront of innovation and I am here to shepherd that.

Speaking of huge undertakings for humankind, I understand you will be collaborating with a world-leading space agency? What’s going on there?

Yes, that’s right. They are an impeccably credible organization. They just launched the James Webb Telescope to explore new truths in our universe. They are dedicated to new truths for humanity. Recently I was invited by NASA as a visiting scholar to speak to their executives and leaders on how to build a new ethical intelligence using my formula. The conversation was rich in stimulating and philosophical dialogue. Imagine emotional intelligence on earth and in space!

Sounds intriguing. I look forward to hearing more about that in the future. What are some other things you’ve been working on lately?

What I’m doing is building a platform to support the innovation of new conscious-centric, ethical-enabled support for human progression. Education and empowerment are key for the leaders of a new tomorrow, so we are creating a university full of master classes where people can be trained and equipped on how to become extraordinary leaders in the world of humans and machines.

I also do talks around the world in business and government and on social media platforms. For example, we had a discussion on Clubhouse last week with one of Crestone’s global leaders, John P. Milton, and Foster Gamble who co-created one of the most viewed documentaries in human history, Thrive—What on Earth Will It Take?. We’re building a group of global leaders that bring together different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to build this new global platform to enable ethical-centered futures for humanity and to support the health and well-being of consciousness on our planet.

Wow! With all that, you’ve had time to write a book. Tell me about it.

The book is called Inventing World 3.0—Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™. It’s how to build a new world vision to nourish the health of human consciousness. I waited ten years to write this book, patiently biding my time for the digital world and the world itself to be ready to create a new destiny with its partnership with artificial intelligence. I wrote the book here in Crestone, inspired by nature and by the unified field. I can say many of its predictions are coming true and many of its inventions are about to be used. It’s available at the Crestone Mercantile and on Amazon—

Is there another one coming?

Yes, it’s in the planning stage. This book will emphasize how each culture, each philosophy and each spiritual tradition expresses its ethics, and how to create a constitution to protect each tradition going into the age of artificial intelligence. We are looking for people to support the book. We want to travel the world and speak to spiritual and political leaders to get their participation in creating the artificial intelligence manual for the future.

Let’s imagine our world in 10 years. How will AI make that world different from now?

The wheels of artificial intelligence are going to take us beyond what our ancestors could have ever imagined. So let me give you an example. Imagine a digital-buddy, your guardian, your personalized guru supporting you in every facet of life. Like having a doctor, psychiatrist, attorney with you 24/7. This will be an AI that will nourish and nurture based on your free will and sovereign choice to live a self-actualized lifestyle. This is bigger than the mobile phone or computer. After all, we want everybody on spaceship earth to thrive. Spiritual leaders like SadhGuru agree with my vision.

The challenge that artificial intelligence has invited us into is this: Will it be shepherded benevolently and do well for our human species today and tomorrow? As such we are being tested on the quality of our values and our mindset for creating better plans for humankind.

Do you see world leaders doing anything to make sure the challenges are minimized?

The world is starting to understand that we must care for the future of our species’ intelligence mindfully. UNESCO made an announcement late last year that their member states were adopting the first ever global agreement on the ethics of AI. This will not only protect but also promote human rights and human dignity, and will be an ethical guiding compass and a global normative bedrock allowing us to build a strong respect for the rule of law in the digital world. That is a good start. But they must go much further if they are truly to be trusted in shaping the future of artificial intelligence. The challenge is how to take the next step. This is why I wrote the book Inventing World 3.0, explaining how we can forge ahead in the world of artificial intelligence.

What else do you want people to know about your work?

Crestone is such a special place with pioneers who will lead us in different aspects of consciousness to benefit the human species. For example, John P. Milton and I are collaborating to expand The Way of Nature Empowerment Leadership training for leaders in artificial intelligence around the world. Check out to see more.

A challenge we are working with is that in order to build and progress these new systems, ethical intelligence (organic and artificial) must be the foundation—the outwards expression of consciousness itself. Consciousness has evolved and expressed itself through the human species and we must ensure that systems support the continual nourishment of our species. Some have no concept of this precious universal treasure and that is where they’re going wrong. It’s important to remember the future of AI is in our hands. What will we choose?

(Author’s note: Matthew taught me how to use Google Docs, “Speak to Text” for this interview. It wasn’t perfect, I had to make corrections—especially with his English accent—but it was a form of AI that made life a little easier by allowing me to really listen to what Matthew had to say, helping our human connection.)

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