Friday, April 12

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Liza Marron wins election as Saguache County Commissioner

Democrat Liza Marron has been elected as Saguache County Commissioner, defeating Republican challenger Jeff Phillips. According to unofficial results from the Colorado Secretary of State, Marron received 1,414 votes, and Phillip got 1,274.

In response to this news, Marron issued the following statement:

Election Night Reporting is Complete for Saguache County and due to my win, Saguache County will have its first majority woman board of commissioners ever!

Thank you to my honorable competitor Jeff Phillips for a fine race.

I will start my tenure as commissioner as a learner and listener. I want to be the best steward of county government and Saguache County constituents’ resources as I can be — along with my two more seasoned commissioners.

This is a bittersweet honor in my life, as this means I have to let go of the leadership of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition.

We all want this organization to thrive into the future, and towards that end, our board and staff with the support of Civic Canopy are working diligently on our transition leadership plan. However, I plan to remain in a support role for about fifteen hours per week come January.

I am feeling gratitude for the vote of confidence for a new chapter in my life serving my home community. I am feeling equal gratitude for the amazing people of the San Luis Valley who have worked in partnership to foster an equitable local food system here.

Thank you all for the part you play in our community to enhance our collective well-being.

Marron also issued this statement, in Spanish:

Los informes de la noche de las elecciones están completos para el condado de Saguache, y, debido a mi victoria, el condado de Saguache tendrá su primera junta de comisionados mayoritariamente femenina.

Gracias a mi honorable competidor Jeff Phillips por una excelente carrera.

Comenzaré mi mandato como comisionado como aprendiz y oyente. Quiero ser el mejor administrador posible de los recursos del gobierno del condado y de los electores del condado de Saguache, junto con mis dos comisionados más experimentados.

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