Friday, June 14

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Making traditional adobe, preserving cultural history

By Michael Pacheco.
Photography by Michael Pacheco.

The Saguache Historic Preservation Commission, joined by Cornerstone Community Partners, recently brought an Adobe Workshop to Saguache. 

This enriching initiative, funded by the State Historical Fund and a Saguache County Sales Tax Grant, took place from June 30 to July 2. 

A second workshop is scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd. This upcoming event will focus on constructing an Adobe wall and conducting repair work on the Community Building in Otto Mears Park. These workshops serve to engage the community in the preservation of Saguache’s rich cultural heritage.

Under the leadership of Isaac Logsdon from Cornerstones, the workshop provides community members an opportunity to learn traditional Adobe brickmaking, repair, mud plastering, and wall building. Two distinct sites served as practical examples for hands-on restoration.

Cornerstones, hailing from Santa Fe, is dedicated to restoring historic structures, preserving cultural landscapes, and endorsing traditional building practices. Their collaboration with Saguache underscores their shared commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

The Preservation Commission, tasked with safeguarding Saguache’s historic integrity, works diligently to stabilize neighborhoods, attract tourists, and promote business growth that aligns with Saguache’s unique history.

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