Monday, June 17

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McCracken for commissioner

Editor’s note: The primary election is June 25. The Eagle will post results to The Crestone Eagle website as soon as they are available. This is the last set of endorsements received by press time presented in alternating endorsements. 

Tom McCracken

It’s no small thing running for Commissioner. We appreciate and salute all those who do. The job is big and the glory, little. I have noticed that it takes a term for a Commissioner to really reach their stride. That’s when our commitment to a candidate really pays off. When Tom McCracken became Commissioner, he jumped into the “Safe Routes to School” project, which aims to connect kids to the Charter School on a safe, off-road trail. 

This is only one of his projects, but Tom’s involvement has expanded the Trails Coalition’s vision for a fully “connected” community. His initiative in achieving consensus and moving ideas concretely forward at a practical level has been outstanding. In my experience working with Tom, he is a team player as well as an effective leader, assertive yet open, recognizing and incorporating good ideas along the way. Tom has demonstrated that it truly is possible for a commissioner to accomplish meaningful 

works on behalf of the wider community. For these reasons, and with friendship and respect for all candidates, I support and believe it’s important that Tom be re-elected county commissioner for a second term.    

Burt Wadman

SRTS Project Coordinator — Eastern San Luis Valley Trails Coalition

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