Meet the Eaglet Staff

Zenna ~ editor

My name is Zenna. I am currently a student at Crestone Charter School and a former student at Moffat Schools Consolidated. Our purpose for creating a Crestone Charter School newspaper is to express and share the voices of our students and concerns. Once a month our committee will write articles and provide photography in the new CCS Eaglet, inside The Crestone Eagle newspaper. Once a week our school newspaper students will meet in our school and converse ideas with each other for the next publication. 

Ziah Pesqueira ~ sports

Hello my name is Ziah Pesqueira and I am a senior here at the Crestone Charter School. I have been going to this school since I was 6 years old and have many friends and family here at the school. I am a musician and an athlete who plays for the Moffat basketball and track team. I enjoy being in nature and exploring new things. I love being active and being around friends and family.

Gabe England ~ photographer

Hello, my name is Gabe England. I’m a senior at Crestone Charter School and have been here for eight years. I’m originally from Iowa and moved to Crestone in 2015. I like to cook, play video games and watch and play sports. I want to pursue a career in culinary arts.

Phoebe Tieder ~ yearbook

My name is Phoebe Tieder I’m a 10th grader at Crestone Charter School. I have been a student at CCS for 11 years now. I love doing my makeup and hair and I hope to go to school for cosmetology when I’m done here at CCS. I spend my time working at OFIA with my family and going to school and being the school photographer here at CCS. This will be my second year doing the yearbook at CCS. One more thing about me is that I love music. I play the piano and I sing for fun and perform sometimes.

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