Tuesday, May 28

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New teaching team members at the Crestone Charter School

It is with excitement that we want to inform you about the teacher team for next school year.

Thomas Cleary, the new Director, and the teachers will lead the school with the mission at heart to provide “a stimulating experiential program that nurtures each student’s sense of wonder and natural desire to learn . . . striving to inspire healthy responsibility in relation to self, community, and environment . . .” In addition to academics, Thomas will bring the school’s core values front and center: artistic skills, service learning and stewardship, environmental awareness, life skills, health & body awareness, self awareness & character development, and cultural awareness. This learning takes place in the classroom, on our magnificent school land, and will be integrated into smaller and bigger trips that will take place as the pandemic allows.

Let us introduce you to the new teachers: 


We have hired Kayden Habron for the Intermediate position. Kayden has chosen CCS carefully because they love the mission of the school. Kayden has both the traditional training and ideas beyond the limits of that training. They are experienced at teaching multi-age classrooms and individually meeting the needs of each student. When we pointed out that Crestone is not an easy place to live, the next thing we knew, they drove all the way from Indiana to Crestone to visit. This shows us their commitment, spontaneity, and sense for adventure.

Kayden: “I am most eager to make connections, develop plans to meet strengths-based goals with my students, and begin a new adventure in the Crestone community. I come to Crestone with a love of the outdoors and multiple years’ experience as a low-ropes and high-ropes challenge course facilitator, which I incorporate in my classroom through implementing collaborative challenges and fostering a culture of teamwork and respect for others.  For the past few years, I have served as a residential summer camp counselor for gifted students in fifth through twelfth grades and taught in a multi-grade classroom first through seventh for students with disabilities. I look forward to continuing my use of individualized, relationships-based teaching practices with the 4th and 5th grade students at CCS.  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, knitting, crocheting, and playing with our two beagles, Molly and Benny.”


Cary Yang will be transitioning from supporting Crestone Charter School as the Guided Family Led Instruction Liaison supporting parent mentors during this unique school year and the K-5 students reading interventionist to the Primary 2/3 classroom teacher. 

Cary: “I am excited to continue to support CCS as the 2/3 Primary Classroom Teacher. Crestone Charter School brings together three aspects of my experience in one school: high quality core education, thematic teaching in partnership with community-based organizations or experts, and outdoor education. This walks hand in hand with building relationships and community.  I come to Crestone with 17 years of experience working in elementary education as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, writing teacher, specialist, and reading and math interventionist. I enjoy bouldering, learning about the natural world, and funny movies.” 

Special Education

This is going to be the first year that the District and CCS have worked out a way so that CCS can have a special education teacher only dedicated to CCS. Ned Imhoff will join our team as a special education teacher, interventionist, classroom support, and PE teacher. We are very excited to have created this position and that Ned will be able to provide individual support to our students with his five years of experience.

Ned: “Hello Crestone! I’m passionate about learning, health, and blue Colorado skys. A day on the trails and night below the stars puts a smile on my face. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, my favorite puzzles are riddles, and my favorite medicine is laughter. Crestone Charter School has me excited about all the curiosity, creativity, and experiences to come in the upcoming year. Thank you Crestone for being so welcoming.”

We wish you all a glorious summer and are looking forward to the beginning of a great new school year!

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