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The Crestone Eagle is a nonprofit monthly newspaper serving Crestone and the San Luis Valley

Nonprofit journalism: Sustain The Crestone Eagle with your donations 

By Jennifer Eytcheson, The Crestone Eagle director

The Crestone Eagle’s transition to a nonprofit newspaper has had its rocky moments, as all successful endeavors do. As we surpass our first year, we see our hard work paying off, and we are proud that each issue just keeps getting better and better. Feedback has been positive and kudos continue to flow in.

We have used our resources wisely. We’re investing in top-notch research and writing with a focus on essential community issues, more fact-checking and in-depth information dissemination. Authentic non-biased journalism and regional articles beyond Crestone to bring us closer to our neighbors.

Breaking news and other features are now on our website and we’re engaging social media content providing a space where all sides can be heard in the face of challenges. We’ve also provided solid employment to a very talented staff that pull it all together. We are now at a point where we need financial support from our community to continue our mission to serve. 

We won’t be able to do it without your help. We know we can rely on you to keep the momentum going. There are a few ways to give this year.

Giving Tuesday, November 28

Giving Tuesday began the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in 2012 as a contrast to Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

The idea was that after we shop to our heart’s content on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, we should donate and support nonprofits on Tuesday. 

We agree and this will kick off our end of year #newsCOneeds fundraiser. 

#newsCOneeds year end fundraiser

This is our big one. Most of what we can do in the next year depends on it. We are among 30 Colorado newsrooms partnering with Colorado News Collaborative (COLab). Between Nov. 28 and Dec. 31, 2023, we will receive up to $5,000 from the Colorado Media Project, in a dollar-for-dollar match aimed at inspiring individuals like you who support long-term sustainability of public-service journalism. 

Look out for our email and social media campaigns.

Colorado Gives Day, December 5 

On the first Tuesday of December, Coloradans come together on Colorado Gives Day to support the nonprofits that make a difference in our lives. Since 2010, Colorado Gives Day has grown to be Colorado’s largest 24-hour giving event, raising more than $500 million for nonprofits across the state since it began. Each year, over 70,000 Coloradoans support over 3,000 nonprofits throughout Colorado Gives Day. 

All donations made through between Nov. 1 and Dec. 5th count towards Colorado Gives Day. There is no need to schedule or wait until December 5th to make your qualifying donation. Just head to, search for The Crestone Eagle, and set up a one-time or recurring donation. At the end, we also receive a percentage of a $1.4 million fund based on the percentage we raise out of all Colorado nonprofits.

“Beat” reporting sponsorship

What’s important to you? What do you want to see more of in our reporting? We will offer ‘beat’ sponsorships based on what you feel needs covering. Your sponsorship will help us hire reporters to help us to make sense of what is going on around us. Some examples would be: Town of Crestone beat, Saguache County beat, Casita Park beat, the Baca Grande/POA beat, Crime beat, Environmental beat, Kids & Education beat, Affordable Housing beat, and Water beat, to name a few we are looking at providing. We will announce the official beats in an upcoming newsletter and on social media.

Whichever giving method appeals to you, we are aiming for at least $50,000 by the end of the year to sustain our efforts. We know we can count on you! 

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