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Editor’s note: The Crestone Eagle does not endorse political candidates and is publishing this candidacy letter for equal access of all candidates to the community. 

Editor’s note: 

According to the Secretary of State’s website March 5, 2024 is:

  • First day to circulate minor party candidate petitions. (First Monday in February in the general election year) 1-4-802(1)(d)(II) 
  • Last day to change precinct boundaries or create new precincts before the **March 9th Party precinct caucuses. (No later than 29 days before the first Tuesday in March) 1-5-103(1) 
  • Last day for state central committees to file or amend party bylaws or rules with the Secretary of State. (No bylaw or rule may be filed or amended after the first Monday in February)

Tom McCracken’s letter: 


It has been an honor and a privilege to serve Saguache County and District #1 for the past three years. I have worked hard to represent the interests of our residents. I have learned volumes about how the County operates, its personnel, finances, departments and how we interact with state government. 

In my first year I was able to secure funding for the Crestone Firehouse addition, obtain Transit services, Senior Meals, Roadwork that was long past due. I have been working (as had my predecessor) on the ESLVTC since day one to complete the Safe Routes to Schools Trail as well as other trail links. We are now under contract for phase 1 of the project and trails have been completed from the Kiosk to the Refuge Headquarters and East to the SRTS trail location. Redevelopment of the Kiosk area as the hub of the Trail system is in progress. 

In conjunction with CSU Extension, I brought Millet to the valley and trials are being done that could provide a low water crop alternative. Cover Crop research and Carbon Sequestration through Agriculture are high priority. Saguache County has doubled its contribution to 4H activities with my support. We have also doubled our contribution to the DA’s office. 

I was elected Chairman of the SLV Council of Governments. Through that organization we created the Six County IGA. (Intergovernmental Agreement) that will allow each County to review all applications to Export Water out of the valley and understand if our shared aquifer would be affected. Valley wide land use (1041) regulations will allow us to prevent or mitigate any damages. 

At my urging Solar Panels were installed on our affordable housing units at Blue Waters Haciendas. Director Evan Samora, got those installed as well as new energy efficient heaters and appliances, Totally Free! 

New projects include 28 new affordable housing units on a city block in Saguache, and planned Single Family units that will utilize Passive Solar and Local Materials at Casita Park.

 Water monitoring to protect the aquifer, Blight Clean Up to include the White Eagle Village, expansion of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness boundary, County Services in Crestone and protecting our Dark Skies are projects underway.

I hope you will support me in these and other important activities by re-electing me to a second term. 

Thank you! Tom McCracken

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