Monday, June 24

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Remembering the Roots: On Staying Well

It is a wonderful moment to tune into our wellness practices and strategies around getting or staying well in the coming seasons. Broths and mineral-rich infusions are the foundation of my autumn and wintertime rituals of immunity and nourishment. 

Bone broth or vegetable broth made from all the scrap ends of your carrots, onions, celery, mushroom stems are an amazing base to not only soups but even sautés and smoothies. Add in some garlic, reishi and astragalus root (to the broth as you’re making it) and you have yourself an ultra-potent medicinal broth. 

A kitchen staple that I choose to not be without in the colder months (actually, all year) are my ginger juice ice cubes. Ginger, in and of itself, is a panacea, known for immune and digestive support as well as offering pain relief topically. Fresh ginger juice is incredibly anti-viral. I like to have it ready to go in my freezer for when anyone in my house has a sniffle or something coming on. Just buy a good amount of ginger, juice it, pour the juice in ice cube trays and when frozen put in a sealed container or bag in the freezer. 

As often as needed, add a cube to a quart of hot water, some lemon and honey to taste. Drink throughout the day. Repeat for a few days or until you feel better. I tend to add a good amount of honey because this medicinal beverage packs quite a punch and honey is supportive to inflamed tissues, is nourishing and immune-supporting in and of itself. Feel free to add a dash of cayenne if you like an extra kick and some stimulation. 

This simple drink has carried my family and me through many a winter and is my go-to remedy at the first sign of a cold or even a tummy ache. May it serve you and your family well. 

In addition to these simple yet powerful allies, remember to rest, practice technological hygiene, breathe, connect with nature and treat yourself to the deep nutrition you deserve, on every level. 

Wishing you warmth and vibrancy.

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