Friday, May 24

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SLV reference not wanted

Fellow Sagtowners, I know we are all disappointed that our beautiful county is now being referred to as “The Boneyard.” 

It should be known as the county that is partial home to the Sand Dunes, the rich agricultural area, SLV potatoes, northern gateway to the San Luis Valley, a valley between the picturesque Sangre de Cristo and San Juan Range, beautiful Rio Grande National Forest, etc, etc, etc. 

I personally will be posting to every news article starting today that Saguache is not referred to as “The Boneyard” by locals. We are devastated that remains have been discovered in Saguache County but we prefer to be known as the references above. Please feel free to add any other terms. If you chose to respond, please do so with respect so that everyone knows what great people live in Saguache County.

Augustine Quintana, Saguache

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