Friday, May 24

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Town stage nears completion

By Nick Nevares

It has been an amazing summer with so many positive things going on, so I wanted to update everyone regarding the stage. 

While we had a few hiccups along the way, we are continuing to move forward with the next round of building on the stage. So here is where we are at:

Our builder this summer had a number of commitments building in other locations, and when we got to the month ahead of the 4th of July, he was unexpectedly kicked out of his house so that his landlord could sell it. We had planned on building the stage all month, but instead he had to spend it packing up a 3-bedroom house and garage and find a place to live. 

So, the build was delayed, but he was determined to make it happen ahead of the event. He and a team worked day and night to get it up ahead of the 4th, and for his efforts I’m very grateful. 

We have the engineer-approved and stamped structure that we wanted, and now for the second round of fundraising we will be working to bring it to a completed state by the winter.

Local builder Brett Buchanan agreed to step up to help with this project in two iterations: the first ahead of the Crestone Energy Fair, where we will get it temporarily ready once again to use for the event, and the second will be to get it more permanently set up for use. 

Buchannan began the second-round install in August, and with an amazing crew of volunteer carpenters was able to install a beautiful set of stairs for the front of the stage, as well as add support for the side wings of the stage. Another build day is scheduled for September 9 at 9 a.m. Volunteer experienced carpenters are needed to help with this ongoing community project. 

The next round of the permanent build will include affixing a permanent roof on the existing one, weatherproofing it so that it has the ability to last for many years. 

It will include stairs around the entire perimeter of the stage for easy access in all directions. It will include a more permanent stage top, either with Trex-brand decking or something similar, which will be long lasting and beautiful, and finally will include a finished ceiling in the roof structure.

This has not been an easy process, but perseverance through the obstacles will bring us a beautiful stage in the end. The Town will not allow anyone onto the stage until it has been handed over to the Town in a completed state, which is why it has been fenced off with orange fencing. 

Once complete, then the Town will be able to insure it and allow its daily use.

Thank you for your patience with the process, and we look forward to celebrating its completion once funds are raised and the next round of work has occurred.

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