Monday, June 24

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Town support of businesses questioned

Where did the time go? All of us at T-Road Brewing had one mission for the business this past year, which was to create a safe and fun place for our community, friends, and families. We took those things that are valued in Crestone, like music and the arts, and brought them together with the need for a place to relax, eat, celebrate, and dance. 

Crestone was once known for festivals that brought people from all walks of life together for the same reasons we created T-Road Brewing. But in the past two years, the direction of the Town of Crestone has changed. Fewer festivals, less community, less tourism, less music, less dance, less celebration. This move toward “less” has impacted all of us. It started for us when we were cited for a noise violation, followed by another violation, and finally a fine and a court hearing before a judge (which we lost, resulting in a reduced fine). The reason? For having live music on our patio to celebrate, dance, and enjoy the Crestone we love. We no longer provide live outdoor music as a result.

I can only speak for T-Road Brewing, but the slow progression to “less” has impacted our business, families, friends, and all of Crestone. We had a vision of a great Crestone, with all those things we and the community love most. That’s why we went into business in the first place (and to create good jobs for the people who love Crestone and want this place to be home).

How did we get here? The leadership in Crestone decided the fate for the community. Our tax contribution to the town has been reduced by the imposed restrictions such as a noise ordinance, inability to provide live music outdoors, and the apathy around having festivals, community events, and so on. An example of the apathy is the Crestone Chili Cook-Off that T-Road hosted for the past two years to benefit the Crestone Fire Department. Not one town board member showed up (except a recently retired member). 

Why does the town not support its own fire department and the amazing people that volunteer? At the same time, the town struggles meeting their financial obligations. Why? The leadership in Crestone. What can you do? Vote to make a change and bring Crestone back to the magical, wonderful, vibrant place it once was.

I do not have a vote because I live outside of town, in the Baca—as do the majority of people who live here and financially support the town of Crestone.

I write this letter urging you, the residents of the Town of Crestone, to vote. For all of us who can’t vote. The choice is yours: a living, thriving community or a dying old town. 

Make a difference for all of us. 

’Nuff said.

Michael Booth / T-Road Brewing

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