Friday, April 12

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Why I’m voting for Barack Obama

My main reasons for voting for Barack Omama for president of the United States are:

• He expresses values that resonate with my own. Honesty, compassion for people, service, a belief in the goodness of people, a love of family.

• Team player. He brings people together. We’ve had years of us-against-them. He strengthens our common ground.

• Vision. He is very passionate for new ideas, new technology, better ways for solving our problems. He has a shared dream you can feel the truth of.

• Positive message. He’s not peddling doom and gloom. He’s not trying to scare you into voting for him. He’s realistic and refreshing. He gives me hope.

• He’s intelligent. Well educated, thoughtful and articulate. I really like presidents who are smart. He knows what the words “economy, climate change and diplomacy” mean.

• Strong. He’s no wimp. He won’t go looking for a fight, but I don’t think he’d run from one either if that is what’s called for. Measured strength makes me feel safe.

• Loves women. Raised by a single mother, loves his wife and daughters, understands and supports women.

• Fairness. Has supported equal rights for ALL people.

• Experience. Years as a community organizer solving problems and making lives better. An active leader in the state house and as a US Senator.

• Change. Politics in our country must change in fundamental ways. Enough corruption. Power back to the people.

• Future. He is the best candidate to take this country into the global world of the 21st century. To create a positive future for the next generation.

• And my most important reason? The heart of the man.

Make it so,

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