Friday, February 23

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Work that reconnects

Dear Crestone community friends,

I feel inspired to start sharing The Work That Reconnects with our local community. It has been a rich part of my life since the late 90s. I hope it may help strengthen our sense of belonging together.

Grounded in omni-beneficence, mutual partnership empowerment, and dismantling systems of oppression, it’s a grassroots, creative, open-sourced, inclusive body of interactive practices that is always growing and adapting. It would be great to get your input.

A foundation of the Work is the Spiral Journey: Gratitude, Grief/ Honoring our pain for the world, Seeing with new and ancient eyes, Going Forth. I’ll be offering gatherings throughout the winter, starting with: Intro to The Work That Reconnects at the Baca Library, Saturdays, Dec. 2 and 16, 2-4:30 p.m.

FREE. All are welcome to one or both sessions. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please reach out to me with any of your questions and ideas.

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