Tuesday, May 28

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Preliminary Results in for The Town of Crestone Election

The Town of Crestone’s preliminary election results are in. Please see the below abstract of votes for exact numbers.
In sum: the recall failed and Kairina Danforth will remain the Mayor of the Town of Crestone. Daya Scheide, Stephen Hume, Adam Kinney, and Kizzen Laki have been elected as town trustees. Referred Issue A passed.
Also, please note that election results are not official until the election results are certified on April 14, 2022.
For Town Trustee–4 open seats:
Daya Scheide: 54 votes
Stephen J. Hume: 49 votes
Adam Kinney: 45 votes
Kizzen N. Laki: 52 votes
Ginny Ducale: 40 votes.
Referred Issue A Reallocation of a Portion of Dedicated Sales Tax to a Special Reserve Fund for Water and Sewer Capital Improvements
Yes: 55 votes
No: 7 votes
Recall: Shall Kairina Danforth be recalled from the office of Mayor of the Town of Crestone?
Yes: 25 votes
No: 51 votes.

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